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The Web Slackline Podcast

The Web Slackline Podcast as a medium to connect slackliners' experiences, ideas, emotions, and aspirations through original and openly sourced audio content.  Every initial listener will at some point be a participant, producer, host, and, most importantly, a vital member in a network of individuals who are as unique as one could imagine but share a common objective which is to rage on lines a lot.

Apr 16, 2021

Join us for a conversation with Justin Wagers and Marcus Nelson about Justin’s latest video creation, ‘Lines Between Us’, premiering Monday, May 3!

Film Trailer:

Music: ‘Bloom’ by Gypsy and the Cat -

Mar 30, 2021

Ian Eisenberg is redefining limits at the forefront of the Highline-Freestyle discipline.  Join us for a conversation with Ian about his journey, the slacklife, how to train, the future of freestyle, and much more.

Required viewing:

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May 16, 2020

Join us for a conversation with Justin Wagers and Eli Ellis about their new badass slackline film, ‘Lines Without Limits’, to premier Wednesday, May 20!


Film Trailer:


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Music.  ‘Falcon’ by Charlie Parr. ...

Dec 19, 2019

Join us for a conversation with Lukas Irmler about slacklining!

Lukas Irmler




Photo: Valentin Rapp Film / Photo



Oct 18, 2019

Join Michelle Griffith, Madeline Mckenzie, and Dan Walsh for a conversation about GGBY 2019!


GGBY will be held November 24-28, 2019 outside of Moab, UT


music: 'Kalamary' by La Delio Valdez